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What is the interactive voting system?

It is this light and modern system, as seen on TV, which allows you to vote online via wirless keypads. A receiving terminal connected to a PC collects the votes in real time and displays them on a giant screen.
This system has the advantage of being easy to use (plug and play) and fully compatible with Office© of Microsoft. You have the benefits of MS Powerpoint© software to create your presentations, questions, quizzes or surveys. The votes will be directly addressed in histograms by the software and displayed in the same slideshow.
In short, it's a real interactive tool that you'll hardly forget!


What equipment should I have in order to use your voting system ?

Just a PC with Powerpoint©, a projection system: projector, plasma screen, television, ... and of course the wireless keypads and the receiving terminal!
Nothing more!


Do you provide these supplies ?

Our offers for rental or purchase of voting system include automatically the wireless keypads that you need and the receiving terminal. We can also supply all the equipment you need: a PC that includes Microsoft office©, a projector and screen or any other distribution system of your choice...
If needed, we could arrange a technician who will be responsible for the entire arganization of your voting event: the installations, preparation, usage and uninstall.


Can I collect the information (votes) for a later monitoring ?

Of course you can! All votes are recorded. You can then export the results to other programs (Excell© for example) for treatment: cross sorting, statistics, results...


Is the voting system useful during my event ?

The voting system was developed for purposes of communication and training. If you want to:

  • Make your presentaions interactive and dynamic
  • Have a real-time feedback from your audience
  • Have real-time calculation of a first statistic cross sorting response, comparison of results, etc...
  • Challenge your employees by creating quizzes, interactive moments, votes,...
... So the voting system is undoubtedly the ideal solution. Of course, this is only a small part of system functionality. With a little creativity, you will make the interactive voting system essential to all your events!
If you wish, we also provide professional advice on the most relevant features to use, depending on the specific objectives of your event. We can also provide and experienced technicin when you think it's necessary.


What are acquisition possibilities of your interactive voting system ?

There are several possibilities:

  • One time use
    If you want to try our voting system, or if you think that you will use it occasionally, you can rent the exact number of keypads you need. We provide all the necessary equipments and maybe an experienced technician who will take its use in charge.

  • Frequent use
    If you plan to use frequently the interactive voting system (events, intra-company use, training...), it becomes advantageous to acquire a package of the voting system (including wireless keypads, receiving terminals, and possibly a PC, projectors, software,...). Indeed, after the fourth use, the purchase of the voting system is profitable.


I do not know nothing about programming. Can I use your interactive voting system?

Certainly, without any problem. Our system is based on the Microsoft Office© suite, it's easy to use and is Plug & Play (i.e. it requires no special software installation, simply plug the receiver to your computer and it's ready to use).
For the first use, however, we recommend an experienced technician to ensure the success of your event.


How can I rent your interactive voting system ?

You can order online the keypads you need. Once the confirmation is received and the payment made, either you receive the bags containing the keypads and the additional equipment ordered, or our technician will come with all the equipment ordered. The whole voting system organization of event will be taken care of (installation, preparation, use, uninstall).


Which package is the best for me ?

There are several possibilities: rental or purchase. Concerning the purchase, many packages are available. You can of course order a package with the supplies you want.
for the same number of keypads, the purchase is profitable after ten uses: think about it!!


What are the caracteristics and dimentions of "turningPoint" keypads ?

"TurningPoint" keypads are very light and small (78*54*5 mm) which offers you the total confort during your events.


I hesitate between automatic and manual installation of the driver, which one should I choose ?

We highly recommend the manual installation of the driver.


Should I change the langage option of Windows when I install the system ?

Setting Windows in English U.S. is not compulsory but recommended. To change your language option, go to the Start Menu -> Control Panel, click on Regional and Language options, then select English (U.S.).


My keypad does not work anymore, what should I do ?

If your keypad doesn't work anymore, it's surely because it was deprogrammed. To reprogram it again, it's not complicated:
- Press "GO".
- Select the channel (the default channel is the 41st, so type "41").
- Click again on "GO" to confirm.
And now it works!


What is your VAT percentage in Belgium?

There is no VAT in intra-community


Is an internet connection necessary during the diffusion of the questions?

You don't need an internet connection; you may introduce a PowerPoint which is supervising the questions


Is it possible to do appear the answers after every question? And at the opposite, is it possible to do not appear them?

Yes, it is. Both cases are possible, it depends on your project.


Is the application which comes along on the power point only available in English?

The PowerPoint is also available in several languages: French, Italian, Spanish, German,...


Are the batteries furnished with the boxes?

Yes, they are. In 3 years we didn't need to change the batteries even with an intense use.


What is the average live of one box?

The boxes are unbreakable because they are made in one piece. The batteries have a long shelf life.


Is there a guarantee on the boxes?

Yes there is a 2 year-guarantee on the pieces.


After buying, is there a " hotline " service if we have questions or a problem?

We can propose you a Hotline-service to help you during your projects.



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